Provide guidance and support so our award winning and cutting-edge Barrington Area Public Library is the library of the future.

  • Provide relevant programs and technology options -- all audiences from children to seniors. These programs could even expand outside the walls of the library by sponsoring programs in the community.

  • Maintain and grow the physical library space to serve our residents. Although the Barrington library completed a renovation several years ago, we need to provide the appropriate investment to make sure the infrastructure can be adapted for future programming and other civic events.

  • Keep/recruit talented library staff. Our staff have made Barrington Library very successful. We need to make it attractive for staff to careers at the library and recruit the best talent.

We endorse all three [Carrie Carr, Barbara Pintozzi and Carolyn Welch Clifford] for re-election. They’ve helped oversee the continued successful evolution of the library and participated in the board’s strong hire of Jesse Henning, the library’s widely regarded executive director. Each of the three clearly possesses a love of the library and a well-conceived vision of its future. It would be a shame to lose all of that.
— Daily Herald (3/6/19)